Humble Beginnings 

The oldest of 5, I have always loved reading, writing, sewing, and creating. My first published picture book was the result of my pediatric critical care nursing and the patients I cared for. I also was an elementary school nurse and seeing children love reading rekindled my writing dream. I now have several Picture books published and my dream is to publish 100 books before my 100th birthday. 

Renowned Quality

I strive for quality, integrity, humor, and a sense of morality in my writing and above all characters that feel real to my readers. I want every child to feel something when they read my work, and to come away with the feeling that they are  valued, respected, and never alone even if they didn't like my story. Children are our most valuable asset and they need to be loved, nurtured, and encouraged to be all that they can be. 

Peppers is a little black kitten with a special secret that makes her different. Lilly Isabella Lane is sick making her different from her friends. Kylie has a problem: she cannot find her brown shoe. All of my characters have real life problems and become empowered as they  figure out just what to do and how to make life better. Check out these great picture books in our store.

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