Terri Forehand RN

Freelance writer and Author for Children & Adults

Author of 9 picture books for  K-3, Freelance health related material for all ages, 

Forty six years of nursing experience, a business owner , writer, artist, and Christian wife, mom, and grandma. Read more about the how all of those experiences can help you reach your business or personal goals. 

Let me help you reach your audience

As a Freelance writer, I can help you with your business including specialized emails, marketing ideas, seasonal sales fliers, and other written materials specific to your audience. Let's talk  

Teachers: Creative writing lesson plans for your class

Ten years as an elementary school nurse and teacher for 5 years for grades 9-12 in Health Occupations, Medical Terminology, and Intro to Medical Terms allowed me to gain skills in creative classroom prep, and creative lesson plans. Engaging students is the best way to teach them. I can tailor lesson plans for many topics to include both visual and book learning. But most of all, my plans always include hands on tasks that are fun, engaging, and keep kids interested. Email for my current list of topics for K - 3. 

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